BroNik Consulting

At BroNik we understand the importance of being heard. We’re a mobile audio production company based out of Surrey, British Columbia that specializes in podcast production.

We take on the task of editing so you can focus on your creative content.

Don’t let your sound be bogged down with clicks, bumps and ummms… let us help you sound your best!

Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can offer you options that make sense.

You know your audience, you know your demographic and you know what it is you want to say; we are here to help produce quality audio that leaves the listener wanting more!

Products and Services

Not sure what you need, or what it costs?

We’re here to help.

Audio Editing, Track Mixing, Media Conversion, Cleaning and Content Proofing


Working with BroNik Consulting has far exceeded our expectations. Not only has Nikki transformed our little passion project into a quality product with a professional sounding finish but she has guided us in every step along the way. She has been there to help us with any issues that have come up from how to get our podcast approved by Apple, how to use a syncing platform, how to manage an occasionally non-ideal recording environment to ongoing feedback to ensure we produce a sound we are proud of. We are so grateful to all the hard work and expertise Nikki brings to every recording session – @LETUSEATCAKEPODCAST

You could never go wrong with Nikki on your side! I have yet to find something she cannot do. Working with Nikki is always a pleasure and I am grateful for all of the knowledge and experience she brings to each meeting – @MKENZIE

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BroNik Consulting
Surrey, British Columbia

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