With an eye for detail and an extensive career in coordination, look no further than BroNik to help you sound your very best!

BroNik Consulting is owned and operated by me, Nikki Thorpe. I am first and foremost a mother as well as an administrative superstar and your go-to person for all your audio needs. I understand the importance of time management and realize the best use of your time should be spent creating, while I handle the quality control. This company is a hobby turned business and I put all my energy and skills to work for you. I want you to know that when you work with BroNik, you become part of our family. I want you to succeed. I want you to be proud of the professional, quality audio that you put out into the word for your listeners pleasure.

Say goodbye to pauses, clicks, hmmms, hawwws and filler words – distribute the most polished audio you can with the help of BroNik Consulting.

What People Say

“Has always gone above and beyond.”


“Never met a challenge she couldn’t overcome.”


“The most hard working person I have met.”


Let’s build something together.

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